Labor Day


Happy Labor Day, all! I’m taking a long 4-day weekend and relaxing today! I surprised Josh last night with a hotel room at the Fairmont in SF for a little stay-cation, and today we’re heading to get massages to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I hope you all enjoy some hardcore relaxation this weekend – see you tomorrow!


How to Stay Off Your Phone


As a fashion blogger + Social Media Specialist for Glassdoor, you could say I’m on my phone and computer quite a bit. Between running the social media for my blog, myself and a company, I’m pretty busy. But sometimes, I stop and think to myself, “seriously, put the phone down”. I’m good about not being on my phone during meals and I actually genuinely enjoy putting it down after a long day at the office (when you do something for 8 hours a day it really loses its appeal by 5 PM), but sometimes we can all use a serious breather.

So, this week I’ve been taking a smartphone detox and following this graphic from Popsugar. Check out the full article here and try taking the challenge yourself!

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Hair Growth

Those of you who have followed DS for a while now have seen my hair many different lengths – short, medium and long. I’ve decided I’m growing my hair out again, and in my search for the best hair growth products (in an effort to grow my hair quicker and take better care of it), I searched the internet for the best ways. I found this post from Barefoot Blonde (my fave new-to-me blogger) and I got really excited about all of the new products and potions I need. I’m starting to take Biotin, fish oil and Vitamin E to make my hair healthier and grow faster and I’m going to get this Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, this Oribe Volumista Mist and this Sexy Hair Style Protect Heat Defense Hot Tool Spray. If you have any other suggestions please leave them for me in the comments section!

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