I’m Feelin’ 22!

While I’m not the world’s largest Taylor Swift fan, her lyrics are quite appropriate today since it’s my 22nd birthday! It’s kind of an odd birthday considering I’m graduating from college in three weeks — it really feels like a turning point into real adult life. So it’s definitely an exciting day, but also a super nostalgic one — if time could just stay still for a second or two, that would be great! Today I’m rocking my favorite comfy Madewell sweater (I’m completely obsessed with elbow patches because on the inside I’m 80 years old) and it’s actually been a bit chilly lately, which I’m tired of; so I’m jetting off to SF tomorrow morning bright and early to celebrate my birthday and enjoy some warmer weather for the weekend. Have a great one, loves!

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Madewell elbow patch sweater (unfortunately sold out) // Michael Kors watch (here in gold) // Miss Me jeans c/o // Steve Madden booties (these are super similar)



[if you can't tell, this is me making a super dorky "22" sign with my hands -- it's been a long week]


Midi and Maxi Style

Lately, midi and maxi skirts seem to be popping up everywhere. Since I’m reasonably tall, you’d think I would have ventured the midi skirt waters by now, but the trend (while I love it on others) honestly intimidates me. I feel like a midi skirt will awkwardly cut up my body, but at the same time I’m really intrigued and wanting to try this trend. I’ve always stuck with trusty maxis but as the temperatures get warmer and warmer, there’s something about a midi that just makes sense. Here are a few midi and maxi skirts that I’m looking to try — which one is your fave?



Skincare 101

If you haven’t noticed, I have really pale, sensitive skin. I’ve always had this porcelain skin (even growing up in Phoenix, Arizona) and while I love it and think I’d look funny tan, it’s definitely a challenge to maintain. I’ve found comments in the past on DS asking what my skincare routine is, so today’s post is devoted to how to take care of that gorgeous skin of yours.

75ea60daea527154021d2efcbec769ae Each morning when I get out of the shower (yes, I take a shower every single morning!) I use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating face lotion. I’ve literally used this lotion for about eight years now — I’m obsessed and would never use a different moisturizer — it’s that good. Then, I literally cover my body in St. Ive’s 24 Hour Deep Restoring body lotion. My skin is dry and flaky, especially in Washington winters, unless I do this crucial step. My grandma always tells me this step (and me staying out of the sun as much as possible) is the reason I won’t have wrinkles when I’m 80. I’ve tried lots of different body lotions over the years — some $3 bottles and some $60 — but this St. Ive’s one is my favorite so far.

Besides daily moisturizer, sunscreen is another one of my tips. Whether you’re like me and as pale as a sheet of paper or dark and tan, sunscreen is always important. If I’m just walking to and from class or work and won’t be in the sun that much, I just spray some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen on my face and then any exposed skin — mostly my shoulders and collarbone. It isn’t greasy at all, which is what I care about most, besides coverage obviously. It also doesn’t change my appearance at all, which I love. [Tip: hold the spray bottle about a foot away from your face to just get a light layer of coverage that won't leave you greasy or shiny.]

Lastly, my number one tip is to take your makeup off at night. I can’t stress how important this is! However, I definitely understand coming home after a long night and not wanting to jump into some 20 minute routine, which is why I keep my process simple. I literally just use Neutrogena’s Facial Cleansing Wipes to remove all of my makeup — mascara, foundation, everything. Then I apply a quick dab of Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator. It comes in a tiny little container and I dab it around my eyes, mostly. It makes me wake up with baby-soft skin.

I hope these tips are helpful! Remember, taking your skin is just an investment in your future. xo