A Peek Inside: My PJ Drawer

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I’m a freak about pajamas. I have three different favorites: a tank dress, a big tee (of Josh’s), or cute shorts with a tank. Since Josh and I moved in together my space has pretty much been cut in half, so I have to keep my one drawer pretty organized and paired down. I’m constantly on the hunt for light, airy separates that make great California pj’s. I also love patterned shorts — I have so many from Gap Body and J.Crew.

I recently picked up a patterned tank nighty from Gap Body and I absolutely love the weight. I also love how cozy and comfy it is while still being put-together and cute. What are your go-to pajamas?

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His Style: Foggy Grey

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Banana Republic sweater // J.Crew Factory jeans // Burberry watch // Jawbone UP24 // Clarks

My handsome boy is at it again — he keeps dressing well so I keep taking photos of him and putting them on the blog! I love Josh’s style because he pretty much always gets it right, and I think he does that by keeping things simple. He doesn’t wear anything crazy or questionable — he sticks to quality basics that he knows fit his body type. He recently picked up this Banana Republic sweater and he’s been wearing it everywhere — it just goes with everything! I’m also loving these Clarks he was gifted from my dad over the holiday. The blue grey tone goes with everything (and looks great with dark jeans!).

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Sweetheart Hues

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J.Crew scarf // ASTR blouse from Nordstrom // Ann Taylor LOFT pants // Tory Burch flats // Clare Viver bag

love pastel hues mixed with rich purples and reds. It reminds me of Valentine’s day in the best ways. I picked up these Tory Burch flats in Phoenix over the holiday and they’re quickly becoming my favorites — they go with everything and there was no breaking in involved, they are just so soft!

I’m also loving bright, easy layers. I’ve never been a fan of thick, clunky pieces — even in the colder months. I like layering light pieces so things never look too structured or chunky. This ASTR blouse from Nordstrom is at the perfect price point and is great for work and play.

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